Imagine watching a mental tennis match where you are drawn in to discuss your sleep habits, morning routines, and your wellness as a veterinary professional. That’s a good way to describe having Jen and Ryan speak at your event as they pass the information back and forth, keeping you mesmerized and thinking about how you’re going to change.

We hear so much about the health struggles of Veterinary professions, both physically and mentally. We are told what we should do, given the same information we see on the morning talk shows, but few of us actually do any of the things we are taught, why? Because they do not meet the principles of implementation. What are the principles of implementation? Above all else, it must be effective, then it must be efficient, and finally, it must be simple.

Veterinarian Coaching feels that speaking, the way it’s typically delivered, lacks the emotion and the simplicity for you to walk out of the talk and implement it immediately. That’s why we work to engage you, contrast what you are doing that’s not working, with a way to actually make the changes that help you create some momentum towards how you want your life. Sometimes controversial, they will definitely challenge your thinking of how you do things and why.

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Three key principles that they teach in their talks.

self care

Check out some of their most popular topics below.

Popular Speaking Topics

The Three Managements

When it comes to motivation and productivity, we have good days and bad days. What if you woke up less stressed and with your brain "firing on all cylinders"? How would that change your day? What if you could get more done with less effort... and remember what you need to remember? What if sleep came more easily and with the quality you need to wake up refreshed?

Trust us, these are the skills we teach to veterinarians all over. The ManagementsTM are a key to being a human being, not just a human doing.

The Stress Busting Six

When it comes to stress, we are given all kinds of tips and tricks, but most of them need to be practiced and remembered. Not this time! During this lunch and learn you'll get 6 stress busters that seem to work like magic... and you can pull them out of your hat anytime, any place, and nobody even knows you're doing them. This season is fast paced, fun, and most importantly, filled with effective information that you'll have up your sleeve when you need it.

A Tale (Tail) of Two Dogs

We use the metaphor of 2 dogs (one average and one awesome) to parallel how veterinary professionals (or students) are treating themselves and each other. The audience will learn that self-care isn't selfish, and in fact, it is our most critical obligation as part of the veterinary healthcare team.